What is NISB?

NISB is the IEEE student branch of National Institute of Engineering. It is one of the largest and most active student branches of Karnataka. Having been active for a decade, we have been honoured and humbled with numerous awards and accolades over time, including "The Best Student Chapter" of Region 10­ Bangalore. We organize and host a wide range of technical workshops and events. We have our odd sem fest ADROIT and even sem fest ANKURA. Electronika , IPL are few our signature events.
NISB conducts various kinds of workshops, seminars, webinars, technical talks, competitions, hackathons, and events througout the semester to help its members for the all round development with the advancing technology.


Apart from these, NISB also has unique practices like

Focus Groups

The people with common technical interest form groups to focus and learn on particular technology and develop real life application projects. We have been conducting various focus groups on Microcontrollers like AVR Atmega, Deep Learning, Web development & Python programming.

WIE Weekly Meetups

Women in Engineering affinity group under NISB conducts weekly meetups where women are mostly focused to learn a new technical concepts and to implement simple projects.

Technical Blog

NISB has its one technical blog site which provides platform for students to showcase their writing skills and to learn from it. We also have a youtube channel to which helps students to keep learning new things.

Industrial Visits

As a part of technical tour to make students get an exposure about working of things in Industries every semester we conduct Industrial visits. Our recent visits include ISRO space centre, IISC Banglore, NOKIA, Cisco, Infosys.

Social Initiatives

Every year we visit Old age ashram's, Divya Deepa with a theme and to make children and aged people familiar with basic use of technology and its benefits for individuals.

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